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The Kettle and the Flame

Greetings,  Here are a few things going on in Dave's world of music.

  1. I am releasing a new single called The Kettle and the Flame on 15 September 2023 to all streaming services (This Friday!).
  2. My latest album called Captured
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I have a brand new single scheduled for release on or around 15 SEP 23 if all goes well. 

 I almost put this song on my latest new album Captured Fragments but chose not to.  I held back because I…

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A Classic

  Wow, I remember this classic album from David Husted called Captured Fragments!!! It was released way back in August of 2023.  That was a good year and that album was a big part of the reason why……it kicked ass!!  I…

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In the Stream of Captured Fragments

What is new with You? I hope all is well.

If you are feeling TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) today, here is the point of this particular Blog in one line.

I have a new album called Captured Fragments scheduled

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Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

New Album Release: 18 August 2023.  Yes!

“Dave's new album Captured Fragments is rumored to feature a nonet of beautifully arranged songs, each one showcasing his versatility as a songwriter and capturing a different

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I remember the guitar rhythm borrowed heavily from a Stones pattern. See if you can guess which one when the song is released. Songwriting and production have enabled me to meet, interact and network with so many music loving folks…

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Take That Hill: A Song Creation Story in Seven Parts: Part 7

Part 7 of 7:

Then I combined my word ladder brainstorms in crazy ways  

Lead Antique Lamp
Frown Pillow   
Inspire Ladder   
Shout Books
Order Baseball Glove/Mit 
Fly Trees   
Impose Vacuum Cleaner   
Politic Coffee Cup  
Command Globe   
Fail or Win Notebook  

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David Husted Music: NEW SONG: Take That Hill


I have a new song release today.  It is called Take That Hill.  What's this one about Dave?  Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

We play politics over coffee cups. Commanding globes of dominoes. Ordering that glove…

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Next Song: Take That Hill

Honing in on my next song release and I am not sure it is ready for prime time yet but going for it anyway.  It will be called Take That Hill.  It is about…….well…not totally sure what it is about….let…

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I have a new song release on the way. It is called Drawbridge. Here is the Youtube link to the video which will premiere on 10 MAR 23 at high noon.

You will also be able to find the song

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Moonbeam Blue: Thank You

My new song Moonbeam Blue was released today.  That feels good.  Please find it on any of your favorite streaming platforms and give it a spin.  Here's to you for listening, streaming, sharing, playlisting and/or liking it. I really appreciate…

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Moonbeam Blue: Final Official Lyric Video


I completed my lyric video today. I used a site called Rotor Video to accomplish this. I do not always do this. Sometimes I use my Mac iMovie software and build the video content on my own. However, Rotor…

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Moonbeam Blue


Here is a snippet from my latest song to be released called Moonbeam Blue.  This is located in my music vault which you can now access using passcode "blue".  Thank You for dropping by my website.  I…

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Crumble like Sand

I completed a new song over the past two or three weekends (give or take a weekend) that is now entered into a growing list of un-published music works. This is a problem that I like to have.  I probably…

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