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Cover Art for next single

Here is the cover art for my new song Paint with No Color.  The company I distribute my music through also gave me some free credits to create a music lyric video through Rotor Video which is kind of cool…

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The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking and incomprehensible……it ain't right. 

I saw one specific example (of many) in a news article that really got to me about the effects of this senseless war on ordinary people.  People just trying to…

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It ain't right

I have a new single scheduled for release next Friday.  It focuses on the tragic situation going on in Ukraine.

Here is the news clip that informed the song's development.  This was not deliberate.  My mind must have been ruminating…

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New Album Release Today! Many Faces

Good Morning, 

My latest album was released today and is called Many Faces. You can now find it on all music streaming and digital radio platforms. That means it is time for you to stop whatever you're doing…

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Elvis Bowie

Amazing news! Reports are out that Elvis Bowie will be featured as lead vocalist on Dave's upcoming album release called Many Faces on 15 APR 22!  This is truly astounding news! This means that somehow Dave and Elvis made amends…

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I Wish You All the Happiness in the World.

My New Song called Garden was released today!  Find it on any of your favorite streaming platforms!

I finished my final editing touches to my music video version of the song last night and I am now ready to share…

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SteamPunkPondering is Back!

Rumors are running un-checked that Dave is working to bring the old gang back to feature on his new album. First we heard that he lured fiery guitar legend Lars "Bedhead"  back into the fold with a lucrative contract and…

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Oh, so you're a psychologist now too?

I have a new song scheduled to be released on 18 March 2022. The song is about how we filter our world through different lenses of perception and how different people can draw far different emotional response from largely the…

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18 MAR 22

Happiness on deferred payment plans

Lars "Bedhead" Kickassis

So excited to have famous Brit Rock guitarist Lars "Bedhead" Kickassis from "Spray Riot" join me to lay down some serious riffs and rips during an upcoming live studio session. He says he is finally off probation, out of rehab…

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Uploaded all of Rome to Youtube


This video is very minimalist and I used a company called Rotor to help me make it.  I really was not going to go through the process of making a video for this particular song but it is hard for…

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Latest Song Release: Rome:  

Here is my latest song release called Rome.  Enjoy!





By David Husted 


I didn’t give a damn 

About that boogey man 

He's on the tv screen 

And deep inside Wuhan 


But he got out.    


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When Rome Came Down

Well.......I created a song way back in March of 2020.  If you can think back to that timeframe there was really only one main topic; COVID 19.  At the time, it had not hit the United States in any major…

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How Will You Know When?


I finished the video to my new song called Domino today, uploaded it to my Youtube Channel and published it.  It is now scheduled to premiere on the same date that the official single will be released on Friday 3…

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Lyric Video in Work

Good Evening,

This past weekend I started piecing together a lyric video for my next song called Domino.  The process is actually more time consuming than I would like.  I typically create the video as a means to showcase the…

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Whet Your Appetite

My next song offering will be called Domino.  I will be distributing this song "officially" for streaming on 3 Dec 21.  Here is a snippet of the song to whet your appetite today.

Domino (A Preview)

Thank You






Bough: Video Release 01 OCT 21

Good Morning, 

Here is the youtube video of my latest song called Bough. 

I sketched the picture that partially inspired the song way back in 2011. The song was actually largely completed back in February of 2020 but I just…

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Video in Development for Bough

I am developing a video to accompany my new song called Bough.  The video medium is a cool way to apply visual interest to music.  I have been doing it for most of my songs lately.  I hope to release…

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Get ready! 

Dave created a fresh Spotify playlist this week!

Bough has been finalized for digital distribution and is about to be delivered to digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora, and 150+ more. 

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Submarine Sandwich

Here is a fresh playlist.  I will add Submarine to this playlist on Friday once it hits the streets!

I am also in the process of finalizing a video to accompany the song that I will share with you…

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