93 Million Miles

I have noticed a pattern emerging for my song creation, song final mixing and my song distribution and marketing process over the last several years.  I do not know if it is typical or an ideal process but it is MY process.  

When I started making original music many moons ago I spent all my time creating and mixing songs in series until I had an albums worth of material .  Then I distributed it.  This put a large gap in getting my music out in front of ears.  Later I started creating, mixing and distributing a single at a time.  This evolved to creating fresh new music and letting the demo simmer for a while.  While that song is simmering I will go back to another 80% done song and listen with fresh ears; sometimes weeks or months later.  I will get closer to a finished product (or discard) but still leave it on the shelf to stew.  While this is stewing I will often go back to a piece on the shelf, do a deep listen to another song and do final mixing, tweaking, mastering and call it Done.  Rinse and Repeat.  

The key here is that I often have things working in parallel but not in a multi-tasking sense; I am still devoting full attention to one song at a time. I am just not necessarily doing each production phase all at the same time for any given song. 

I have three things going on.  Brand new song in creation with a very traditional, simple acoustic guitar vibe; almost country-ish but also not. I still have yet to lay down the vocal tracks on this and that is usually a daunting task for me.  It has a working title of 93 Million Miles but that could change.  I am starting to think about my next song release and believe it will be coming out officially in about 5 weeks.  The song will be called "Photo Op" (I think).  I am also starting to idea shop for fresh new song ideas…..the front end of creation is difficult for me….it is way to un-constrained.  I am also still running the tail end marketing and distribution of my most recent song release called Paint with No Color.  You can stream that one right now and I hope you do! 

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