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We are foreign to ourselves.  There are times when we seem to be sleep walking through our daily lives, superficially skating along the surface, strangers to our motives and desires, to our own actions, which we do not recognize or

Video in Development for Bough

I am developing a video to accompany my new song called Bough.  The video medium is a cool way to apply visual interest to music.  I have been doing it for most of my songs lately.  I hope to release…

Get ready! 

Dave created a fresh Spotify playlist this week!

Bough has been finalized for digital distribution and is about to be delivered to digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora, and 150+ more. 


My next song is called Bough.  I am in the final stages of distribution prep and publishing.  I am trying to decide on what my cover art will look like.  The song is about those universal themes of love, loss…

Still Dancing on Tea Leaves I see


I have a Thing 1 and a Thing 2  

Thing 1:  I have completed a rough draft demo of a new song.  It does indeed have a slight Stones guitar vibe in one section of the song. I'll…

The submarine has been "Canvasized"

I made a Spotify Canvas of my new song Submarine.  This is a short snippet of video clip less the 8 seconds long that makes the experience of streaming a particular song on Spotify (in this case my song Submarine)…

Channel that inner Freak

Fresh Playlist this week!

Last weekend I gathered with some long-time friends and we played some live music garage band style.  What a blast.  We dusted off some old originals, played a few covers and re-remembered some blasts from the…

Quote of the Week: Chance and Probability

“[it’s] supposed to be unpredictable, alive and undecipherable. It is controlled in a sense, but it is aleatoric... as long as you solidify the base, you’re then leaving things to chance – and leaving the possibility for catastrophe and anarchy…

Spotify Movement

Spotify has this new feature where you can upload a very short clip (less than 8 sec) to create some movement on your songs.  I am not sure how valuable this is but I do understand anything that moves catches…

Playlists and Podcasts

Greetings, I have created a podcast on Pandora radio that discusses the making of my latest album "Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade".  I understand that many of you do not use Pandora but for those who do here is a…

Album Number Five: Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade


Over the last two years I have created and shared 9 original songs with you. I plan to now place these already released singles into an album format. I guess I am old school that way. I expect to…

Trout Fishing In America

Excuse me, I said. I thought you were a trout stream. 

I'm not, said the 0.1%" 

 David Husted 



I plan to release my new song about "Trout Fishing in America" on Friday, 19 June 2020. 

I happened to surf…

A walk through a Perfect Storm

I hope you are having a great weekend! 

I recently experimented with a playlist feature on the popular Pandora Music Streaming Platform that allows a curator to add commentary to a chosen playlist.  To experiment with this I used an…

OUR TIME (new song release in two weeks)


Here is an update on my latest musical meanderings. 

I used to make original music on an old four-track player. It is so interesting to listen back and to hear how "bad" this music sounded (tape hiss and warble)…


            Here is a link to my song Fifty Three Degrees

            The image above provides a visual representation of my song's structure.  The bright green strip across the middle of the image above is a very cool sounding synth pattern that…


Hello! and welcome to 2017! 

I have finally completed final masters of my last ten original songs and have compiled them into a full length album.  I am using CDBaby as a means to digitally distribute my music to…


It Takes One Drop

Friends, This is my latest song called “It Takes One Drop”. It took several weeks to develop and I had a blast the entire time. I think I just might mix and master my last ten singles into a…



You see, the secret is in subtraction.   Sculpt my friend.  You do not always need to pile on the gain, the noise.....THE MUD.  Something shines just beneath the surface.