Dave's Epic Thought for the Day


I read an article recently that claimed close to 100,000 songs are being uploaded to digital service providers every day. 


If my new song is one pebble of all the pebbles on earth, the chance that it may be seen and admired are pretty low. However, if it happens to be the top pebble balanced on top of some other cool stones there is better than a zero chance it may be seen and listened to for a period of time. I view that huge boulder that's supporting all the other stones as the quality of your song itself. 

Is it any good? You must be honest with yourself here and yes, this is subjective. I leave that for the creator to decide the merits of the music, lyrics, melody and production on your own. 

The other stones are the nuggets that help lift the pebble out of the sand. What do they represent Dave? I may talk about those nuggets in my next Blog. I expect to release a new song in about 4 or 5 weeks. 

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend 




Ewe Photo by Leigh Jeffreys:


rock formation photo by Shiva Smyth: