Spotify Movement

Spotify has this new feature where you can upload a very short clip (less than 8 sec) to create some movement on your songs.  I am not sure how valuable this is but I do understand anything that moves catches peoples attention more than something static.  The process took too long for me to learn.  I am a slow learner.  But, it was fun and I applied it to two songs as an initial experiment.  Perhaps I will apply it to more over time; who knows?  The songs I tried it out on are my latest single: Camotose and a song I made over 2 years ago called: FiftyThree Degrees.

If you happen to find yourself on Spotify, feel free to check it out, however, it only works on phones for some reason not on desktops.  This seems a bit silly to me but that is just how it works

Here is a link to Spotify for those curious.

Thanks and have a great weekend.




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