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land or sea

What each must seek in his life never was 
on land or sea.  It is something out of his own 
unique potentiality for experience, something 
that never has been and never could have been 
experienced by anyone else 

 Joseph Campbell

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Quote of the Week: The Rules of Prediction

People predict by making up stories
People predict very little and explain everything
People live under uncertainty whether they like it or not
People believe they can tell the future if they work hard enough
People accept any explanation as…

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The pause-that impressive silence, that eloquent 
silence, that geometrically progressive silence, which often 
achieves a desired effect where no combination of words, 
howsoever felicitous, could accomplish it.

Mark Twain

The Forever Horizon

….Atmosphere harmony.  Even the sounds are infused 
with quiet.  With his carved stick, the drummer is beating 
in perfect rythym, which means so in tune with 
the whole locale that you are never aware of him, yet the 
flux of

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Quote of the Week

The mere act of observing something changes  
the nature of the thing observed   

Werner Hiesenberg