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Word of the day: Perspicacity 

Perspicacity refers to keen insight or understanding, often associated with the ability to perceive things accurately or deeply. It's a valuable quality in various fields, including problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding human behavior.





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David Husted Music: Summary 

I hope you are doing well. Here are seven updates from Dave's World of Music. Thank You for joining me. I appreciate.

#1 New Release: Collide

My latest song Collide is one of my most popular offerings to date. As most of you know, I create my music on the edges of a very busy life; especially lately. Collide was released a couple of weeks ago and I believe this bump in streams is primarily do to the increased exposure of appearing on a popular podcast and playlists of the folks from Derringer Discoveries (A Music Adventure Podcast). Thank You DD Team!

#2 I co-host a Podcast about U2!

Here is a link to the podcast about all things U2; co-hosted by none other than Moi: EP58: U2 with Special Guest David Husted. Thank You Again Derringer Discoveries! Team. I had a blast! Please consider signing up for their newsletter which can be found on their home website.  

#3 Music Live Performance

I continue to practice with a super cover band called WildGood. We will be playing live at the Port of Leonard Town Winery on 22 June 24. Come join us, sip some wine and bask in some great sounds. I am also working a side project to perform music with a group of talented musicians that will coalesce into a tribute band.  More on that later.

#4 New Original Song in Development: "Eclipse"

Creating releasable worthy music takes a great deal of time.  My pace of creation varies widely as I try to manage time constraints. The key to that feisty obstacle called time is to just keep at it; find the nooks and crannies. I stick to it mainly because I have formed good habits and the whole creation process still brings me great joy. My latest song still needs lyrics laid down. My vocal range is limited but I keep working at it and the song calls for increased vocal range. The song moves more into the pop rock/synth rock arena.

#5 Next Song to be Released:

Crumble Like Sand.  This will most likely be my next official release. It is still many weeks away from distribution readiness but it is the one I seem to be eye balling right now. Stay Tuned.

#6 Word of the Day: Pinhentagyu.   

I recently watched a Steve Martin documentary called "A Documentary in 2 Pieces" on Apple TV. I thought is was pretty good. During the film this word Pinhentagyu came up on the screen with the following definition: With a relaxed brain, being quick-witted and sharp. It struck me as a very pithy definition of Steve Martin. I liked it. It is my word of the day.

#7 Poem of the Week: Night Music by Philip Larkin

This poem initially collided with my brain and then formed a peaceful, quiet and empty space; clearing the incessant chattering of my mind for a few moments. I like anything that brings me peaceful moments. It is my poem of the week. You can find it here: Night Music

As always, Thank You for sharing a moment with me. May your weekend be beautiful and peaceful and filled with some of that Night Music too.



Word of the Day: Quicken 

The word "quicken" originated from Middle English "quikenen," which evolved from the Old English word "cwician," meaning "to come to life" or "to make alive." It's rooted in the concept of making something faster or more lively.

Sunrise in Destin and Word of the Day 

Word of the Day

Vignette: A vignette is a short, descriptive scene or sketch that captures a moment or a mood. It's often a brief snapshot that paints a picture with words, focusing on a particular moment or aspect of a larger story. Vignettes can be found in various forms of literature, from novels and short stories to poetry and plays. They offer glimpses into characters' lives, settings, or emotions, providing vivid imagery and evoking a specific atmosphere or feeling




photo courtesy of Laura who awoke early enough to capture this great shot

Word of the Day: Ouroboros 

A prolific and talented songwriter and musician known as Lammbone from the Soundcloud community recently commented on one of my song's released several months ago called Sapiens

He said: "A thought provoking song David.... and reminded me of the parable of Gaia's dangerous Ouroboros…"

I replied: "Thank You and Absolutely and Ouroboros is now my word of the day. Though I new the symbol, that word and the symbol did not click until your comment ; )....Thank You for that"

Thus, it was decreed: Ouroboros is the word of the day.




Ouroboros Picture Credit Here

Word of the Day: Imbibe 


The word "imbibe" is a verb that means to consume or drink, especially when referring to beverages, such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. It can also be used more broadly to refer to the act of absorbing or taking in something, such as knowledge, ideas, or influences. Here is an example sentence to illustrate its usage:

Dave enjoys imbibing the wisdom of great philosophers and an occasional fine craft beer. 

In essence, "imbibe" typically conveys the idea of taking something in, whether it's a liquid, information, or a particular quality or characteristic.







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Word of the Day: Liminal 

Liminal: something that is in a transitional or in-between state.

Used in a sentence:

“As the midnight train rattled through the misty, forested valley, the passengers found themselves in a liminal space between the mundane world they knew and the uncharted territories ahead, where each echoing whistle in the night hinted at deeper mysteries to come”



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Word of the Day and Quote of the Week: Propitiate 

“ …just do the work, go to the interview, see those first clients, you know for Dorothy, just keep going down that yellow brick road, feel the feelings, feel the fear, feel your inadequacy and Do-It-Anyway. Just keep going and keep doing it because somehow the experience of confronting the tests, the challenges, etc, have a tendency to accrue in the psyche and then the linking symbol will appear”

Deborah Stewart


linking or bridging symbols

the ruby slippers symbolize Dorothy's ability to return home. She searched for a way home the entire movie and all along her power to do this was just three heel clicks away.
the diploma enables the Scarecrow to recognize his wisdom
the ticking heart clock enables the tin man to recognize his large heart
the medal enables the lion to recognize his mighty courage

summary: step out and take the risk.  You can do more than you think you can. Your offering will propitiate the gods





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Word of the Day: Exhilarative 

Exhilarative: To cause to feel happily refreshed and energetic; elate: We were exhilarated by the cool, pine-scented air. 2. To invigorate; stimulate: bold designs that exhilarate the viewer's imagination.

Sentence: Dave discovered that it is an especially exhilarative adventure to have his latest song Moonbeam Blue selected for Derringer Discovery's Top 25 List for February!

Thank You






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Quote and Words of the Day 

"We have a tendency to want to swing into various dominances.  Right now the idea of the stiffening of the cynics, that these very traditional interpretations of our values are kind of trying to become more rigid, more narrow minded, more stand-offish, more unpleasant. This inflexible, violent resurgence of control is a way that we resist the internal conflict of creating an amalgam where remarkably different people can all live in the same town with good will; and so our capacities fall into the unconscious and of course then we get swept away."

Joseph R. Lee

This also made me think of another very fine word called alchemical.

Have a great rest of your weekend




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Word of the Day: Ch'i and Qi 

Ch'i: (definition)

Vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems of medical treatment (such as acupuncture) and of exercise or self-defense (such as tai chi)

An alternate spelling of Ch'i is Qi but is less often used in the United States.

Here is Ch'i used in a sentence:

Dave has a new song being mastered and readied for public consumption. He is not sure if he wants to call the song Chugging Down the Ch'i or Chugging Down the Qi.

Let him know your thoughts on this matter of critical national security.

He will be providing more details on this baby over the next several Blogs.  It's a good one.

He expects to release it in approximately 3 weeks give or take a week.


Dave's Management Team





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Word of the Day: Confluence 

Well, due to a confluence of events, I find myself, from a music creation standpoint, fairly stagnated. This is driven by current life/work constraints. I am sure you can all relate. My means to overcome this is to take baby steps in the direction of music production ANYWAY. They just may be really teeny, tiny baby steps for the time-being. 







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Word of the Day: Caesura 

Caesura: (in Greek and Latin verse) a break between words within a metrical foot. 
(in modern verse) a pause near the middle of a line. 
any interruption or break.

Used in a Sentence:  I am not so caesura how to use this word in a sentence. 





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Word of the Day: Fungible 

Words flow across my line of sight during the day or week while listening to the TV, reading, exchanging emails, chats and conversations.  Sometimes certain words stick out more than others.

This word grabbed my attention recently:  Fungible

Sometimes I perform activities that are fungible and sometimes I have to do things that are non-fungible.





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Word of the Day: Peripatetic 

Yesterday, on a plane ride back home from California, I watched a portion of a film called Nomadland.  Today I listened to “Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone” by John Prine.  The word peripatetic arose.