La La Land

Quick Note:

Over the last several weekends I created a solid rough draft of a new song called La La Land.  Yes, I know there is a movie already called that. That phrase sort of rolled off my tongue while I was crafting lyrics for the song in a very open, stream of consciousness sort or way.  The only link it has to the movie would be something from deep in my sub-conscious so I could not tell you. But, I think I may go watch the movie soon on Netflix to see if anything connects the dots. ANYWAY, I was doing a kind of mumble singing to my music to create my lyrics.  I do this often as it often allows a more organic synching with the vibe of the music flow to emerge.

 When will this song be published (if ever)? I do not know. It is certainly not ready for public consumption yet but I thought I would post a snippet of it here today just to give you a peak into my creation zone early and to give me an anchor point to look back at to see if the final form of the song changes much.  It can take me months to get back to a song that is in its embryonic state. I like to let my super fresh stuff simmer and gestate for awhile to see if it still has the same energy later. What sounds sparkly today can sound WTF was I thinking later : )  If it does continue to sound sparkly, that is usually a strong sign I will distribute it.  Have a great night!

Song Snippet

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