Moonbeam Blue: Final Official Lyric Video


I completed my lyric video today. I used a site called Rotor Video to accomplish this. I do not always do this. Sometimes I use my Mac iMovie software and build the video content on my own. However, Rotor Video is easier and makes the life of a music creator less complicated. Rotor Videos is a video creation site that allows artists to upload a song, select videos from their library or upload their own clips, and choose an editing style for their video. It works perfectly for artists aiming to create videos at an affordable rate.

Building the lyric video content for Moonbeam Blue was so much fun today. I am never quite sure what will come out on the other side of my creation process but I was very happy with what emerged this time around. The video captures the mood I was after and synchs with the vibe of the song in a perfect way (in my humble opinion).

I can't wait for its official release on 13 January 2023 and hope that you are there to join me.

I appreciate that you spent a moment with me and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!