I remember the guitar rhythm borrowed heavily from a Stones pattern. See if you can guess which one when the song is released. Songwriting and production have enabled me to meet, interact and network with so many music loving folks whether it is through other music/social platforms, other bands, songwriters, good friends and/or family. I am very grateful for these connections and the opportunities they have opened up.

I have a soft place in my heart for new music from relatively unknown artists (I wonder why?).  I tend to like/lean toward the “indie” rock genre more than others but really I like them all if the music is creative and well produced. There are so many talented artists and songwriters out there (published and unpublished). The music industry tends to funnel only the smallest 1% of good music to us but, rest assured, if you look more carefully there are many more gold nuggets out there. Deep Bow to those music forums and platforms that continue to help discover them. Panning for the gold never gets old for me.

Thank You for your support. I appreciate.