An introspective explorative flavoring of Archetypes

I have recently been enjoying a podcast called This Jungian Life. I am not a rabid listener but the episodes I do hit I find interesting enough to stay tuned in. Three good friends, who are Jungian analysts, talk about the world and its many issues as seen through the lens of Carl Jung. I am sure this is not for everyone but it hits the spot for me. They also breakdown a dream of the day at the end of the show which is always entertaining.

Why do I bring this up? Well, my song lyrics often tend toward a sort of introspective explorative flavoring. My soon to be released song called Pilgrim is no exception. In addition to the word Pilgrim, the words Shaman, Crone and Buddha turn up which seem to conjure up archetypes that resonate with me. Figures that embody strength, resilience and wisdom. I reference winding roads and tides in the song that perhaps point to how we move towards or against life's gifts, challenges and hidden truths with grace and authenticity. I have said this often before, I never really know what my lyrics are about, but this description feels right for me today so I am going with it.

My premiere team of graphic designers just completed the cover art for Pilgrim and it is provided in this blog photo.  I take part of the chorus section to the very limits of my vocal range which is not very wide. Looking back, it always seems there is some pain and beauty going on at the same time. The reflections do not often provide pointers to specific content. I have no problem with this.