In the Stream of Captured Fragments

What is new with You? I hope all is well.

If you are feeling TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) today, here is the point of this particular Blog in one line.

I have a new album called Captured Fragments scheduled for release on 18 Aug 23.

Check it Out!!!!   You will enjoy. It will change your life.  Ok, maybe not, but listen to it anyway!!

For those that want to hear more…..READ ON!.  By the way, I'd love to hear how your day is going as well : )

How are you doing this fine weekend? It is too hot. I was planning to mow the lawn and now I am not. It is too hot. I did build two deck chairs today.  I did this inside my house and then carried the chairs outside. It is too hot.  I took the trash to the local dump. Yes, I do that and like that they have a good recycling process. It is too hot. I will tractor the grass later tonight because it is too hot. I will refill the bird feeder and I will say hello to the multitudes of bunnies on the lawn. I am now sipping a fine craft beer called Boulevard SIXTH Glass and listening to my latest fresh playlist and contemplating new original song creation options. I have too many choices. I am overwhelmed in a good way. The world is filled with such good music. I am honing in, honing in, honing in. I may go for a walk around the neighborhood pond soon and "ponder". It is too hot. Life is good. That last sentence originally defaulted to Love is good…..well……..Love is Good too….let's go with that.

And…….. I wish you a wonderful evening. I completed a brand new song called Empire last night. A song I have been crafting over the last several weekends. It will not be released for many moons but I may share it with YOU soon. I have a new album called Captured Fragments scheduled for release on 18 Aug 23 and that is the ultimate reason for this particular write-up.  I best put that intention at the top of this blog : ) as I may be the only person reading this far.

Thank You for sharing a moment within the exciting life of Dave. Deep Bow.