Part IV: The Ghosts of Bridgerdoom

My next song has been released! 

I'll provide some background on the song in four parts over four separate Blogs. 


Part IV:

Song construction: I experimented with arpeggiated sounds using controlled randomness (if that makes any sense). Ableton Live has several cool new tools in their latest S/W version to enable this.  I also played with samples and sample friendly plug-ins. I was on a steep learning curve at that time into the art of slicing, chopping and transposing sounds. 

Song Theme: No one ever said true love was easy. The movie sound-track adaptation may be hitting Netflix or a Hall Mark Movie Channel any day now. Disclaimer: If you can't hear the storyline I have relayed in my previous Blogs when listening to the music you may have to apply a sprig of your own active imagination too.  Good Luck. 

In conclusion:

The song called Ghosts of Bridgerdoom was formed and is now presented to you for your own ghostly entertainment.   As usual, it was a blast to create. I'll bid you farewell ladies and gentlemen with a deep bow of gratitude. Happy Halloween…..Enjoy the famous Ghosts of Bridgerdoom Ball and the music.




Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto