Thing 3: On the Table

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

The musical contents were developed slowly over the course of several weekends prior to even pondering the lyrics in any direct way.  I use Ableton Live as my means of recording, editing and mixing my music on a computer.  I create all the music on my own and on this particular song I started in what is known as the session view of Ableton.  I do not always use this technique.  Session view allows you to loop phrases of music such as drums or chords in chunks of time.  It could be 2,4 or 8 bar loops (really any length you desire).  Using midi, I am able to sample different sounds and instruments within the space of the notes created.  I combine both partially quantized patterns with fully organic patterns.  Semi rigid frames dance with organic swing.  I layer, I weave, I construct and I de-construct.  I leave much on the table.  I often get lost in this world and pop out of my trance hours later.  In all this chaff there are often gems that sparkle and capture my attention. 

Peace Out



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