Thing 4: Sweet Spot

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

Thing 4

The change/bridge in my song slowly builds.There was one particular tone that fed my ears with sonic pleasure and played within the stereo field just behind the primary jungle xylophone pulse.  This was the hook for me that made me stick with the bridge.  That barely perceptible tone/texture was called synthetic juice alarm.  This was an Omnisphere Synthesizer patch that uses a saw square bright synth oscillator squashed between two juicy filters in series.  It created a quirky rhythmic patch made more quirky with a heavy hand laid on the mod wheel. My Kurzweil PC3K was the controller I played the Omnisphere through.   If you were sitting next to me I would point this subtle aural sweet spot out more clearly to you.  Anyway, it created an incredible sonic vibe to that portion of the song.   Well, that is all for now.