Thing 1: Bread

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi. 

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

I work best when my mind is fresh.  This means that typically my brain rests in a state of lightness, curiosity and minimal effort.   It has taken me a lifetime to cultivate those conditions and I am sure it will require a lifetime to maintain. This song, called "Chugging Down the Qi",  was created largely with that atmosphere in place (easier said than done).  The lyrics are about my general aversion toward the momentous amount of shitty events that took place in 2020.  Perhaps a psychoanalyst would see even more in them. The lyrics are a bit esoteric.  My sub-conscious was definitely spewing on this one.  I kneaded the words and phrases against the texture and flow of the already developed musical content.  This is similar to the effect of yeast and its outcome called Bread.



Photo by Edward Eyer