David Husted Music: NEW SONG: Take That Hill


I have a new song release today.  It is called Take That Hill.  What's this one about Dave?  Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

We play politics over coffee cups. Commanding globes of dominoes. Ordering that glove to fit. Climbing ladders with our parlor tricks. 

This song is in the indie-electronic domain but has a certain jazz vibe with the bass. It has a not easily defined yet original flow and feel. It speaks to our societal and work related anxieties; always asking us to do a bit more, move a bit faster. We will Take That Hill the first time and maybe even the second..... but after that it's time to consider other options.

I provide a more detailed peek into my lyric creation process for this song in my Blog. I divided it up into seven smaller and separate Blog chunks. Start at the Part 1 Blog here: Take That Hill: A Song Creation Story in Seven Parts: Part 1

Oh….and here is where you can go listen to the song. Enjoy.   I now present: Take That Hill.

Have a Fantastic Weekend