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  • I have a new song release called Crumble Like Sand scheduled for release this Friday 21 June 24.

Sometimes life can take you around corners that can be difficult. I understand we all face these challenges and I wish you peace and ease with any difficulties you are facing too.


  • updated my website song journal (i.e. blog) over the last month with several poems and quotes by authors who resonated in the moment with me; 
  • started a random song of the week offering. I pull the random number generator and share the original song creation that presents itself. This song can be found on my music journal/blog below and on my Facebook Music Page;
  • performing in a cover band gig this coming Saturday 22 June 24.  WildGood plays at the Port of Leonard Town Winery. Come on out and enjoy some sun and popular rock/country/pop music;
  • I will be performing in a tribute band periodically over the next year which pays homage to a little known band call FLEETWOOD MAC!  Check out the new website here: FMSix Band. I am the good looking guy in black with the funny hat.
  • My latest song called Collide is still FRESH with over 4,000 streams on Spotify (Thank You for your support!). I love creating music!
  • I co-host a Podcast about U2!  EP58: U2 with Special Guest David Husted. Thank You Again Derringer Discoveries! Team. I had a blast! Please consider signing up for their newsletter which can be found on their home website.  

And {drum roll}

  • I have a new song release called Crumble Like Sand scheduled for release this Friday 21 June 24




Derringer Discoveries

This is a popular podcast with more than 42,000 downloads and listeners in 30+ countries

Team Derringer is joined by recording artist David Husted from Maryland in the US. David is a super fan of the Dublin, Ireland band U2. Together they count down David's Top 5 favorite U2 songs. They also allow Dave an opportunity to discuss some of his music including his latest release called Collide. David Husted's #1 U2 pick will take you back to the legendary 1985 Live Aid concert. David and Team Derringer also each reveal their favorite songs from U2's 1987 classic album The Joshua Tree. 

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The Kettle and the Flame


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