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Noble Cat and other Miscellaneous Thoughts 

I started making music when this noble cat was still alive and my first fan (perhaps my only fan at the time). Music making has always been a hobby to satisfy an impulse to learn cool things related to music tech and to get the creative sprites dancing inside my head out into the world. It was a pathway of discovery on multiple fronts discussed below.  

One: Learning to understand and perform on a real instrument. In my case on one called a synthesizer. Practice….Yes, I am afraid you must do this relentlessly. This is job one.

Two: I can remember learning about music technology (i.e. Midi, DAWs and plug-ins) for the first time around 2008 and being fascinated like an Alice in Wonderland walking through the briar patch. My vague understanding of these concepts and this software slowly, through trial and error, bloomed into skillful means to an end. This is not for the faint of heart.

Three: The technology was cool but learning the craft and nuance of recording, mixing and mastering even more challenging. This is an art. I still have much to learn. 

Four:  These skills coupled with a burning desire and belief that I could now create my own musical masterpieces (at least according to me ; ) was inspiring. This desire, however, is not enough.  You must act even when you do not necessarily feel like creating. Sit down and arrange, form, mold and forge music. Just Do It. 

Five: The ability and means to share this music with the world via distribution services and streaming platforms or, at a minimum, with attentive, appreciative nearby friendly animals.



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