The Rumors are True

A music collaboration between two powerhouse artists

David Husted and Ed Bejzak

Song Release: 25 DEC 23
Fans are reportedly bidding on early bootlegged copies of the song now

Even Fail
Coming to Theaters Near You Soon!!!


photo courtesy of Elina Sazonova 


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There have been major music events in the past like The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (1964) or Queen's Live Aid Performance (1985). There have been some epic music video releases like David Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes" (1980) or Michael Jackson - "Thriller" (1983). Well, David Husted recently premiered a music video of his latest song Dionysian Wink and the triumphant Olympian trumpets are sounding the good news across the land and throughout the world!!

Dionysian Wink Music Video Premiere


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