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This is a link to my Spotify Artist Page! Check it Out: Thx!

This is a link to my Spotify Artist Page! Check it Out: Thx!

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My name is David Husted.  I live in Southern Maryland and I like to make music.  All my songs are original creations and lean toward a modern rock feel with plenty of musical style diversions along the way.  My musical training is as a keyboard player.  This allows a "Do It Yourself" musician such as myself many creative options.  The power of technology today allows my keyboard to sound like a kick-ass guitarist, drummer, singer and full on rock band all at the same time.   The power of technology and my own persistence have also allowed me to produce, mix and master this music on my own.  This was simply not possible ten years ago and I have come to preach the good news to those who have similar music creation aspirations.

If you really want to learn about me you can do that best by simpy experiencing my music.  The vault below provides access to my whole catalogue.  Enjoy and thank you for sharing a moment with me.  I appreciate.

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“For a songwriter, you don’t really go to songwriting school; you learn by listening to tunes. And you try to understand them and take them apart and see what they’re made of, and wonder if you can make one, too.”

–Tom Waits


A message from Mimi; an elderly cat that lives in Dave's house

[Translated from the language of cat]

"Meow: Greetings Earthlings: Please consider signing up for Dave's email list.  You will then be the first to hear his latest music and receive his latest thoughts on life, music creation and music production.  He would love to hear from you too.  Please consider my cat needs as well; when you sign up, I receive extra cat treats and attention.  

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Albums On Spotify


I have close to 1900 followers now on Soundcloud.  This is a beautiful interactive platform to listen to and interact with other like minded DIY musicians. Give it a spin. Play, like and comment on my music.  It's what makes the world better. I'll meet you there. Thank You. Deep Bow of Gratitude!


The Single: Waves - FREE

The Album: Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade - FREE

Pandora's Podcast

The Inside Scoop

Dave discusses topics such as curving corners, storms, trout fishing, lemonade suns and aliens


Critics are Raving: It's just fantastic; It reminds me of corners that curve and has the wondrous taste of lemonade suns and blue smoke horizons”


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for questions, synch and licensing needs or for any other reasons please feel free to reach out to me at the link to my left.  I will respond swiftly and often within 30 minutes or less! 


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