New Music: Collide!!

Beneath celestial orbs, 
Earth's sighs confide, 
Realms of greed 
and dreams


Empires build, 
Silent stones, imply, 
Balance ruptured
Our fates interwined.


David Husted




Derringer Discoveries: A Music Adventure Podcast

This is a popular podcast with more than 42,000 downloads and listeners in 30+ countries

Team Derringer is joined by recording artist David Husted from Maryland in the US. David is a super fan of the Dublin, Ireland band U2. Together they count down David's Top 5 favorite U2 songs. During this music adventure: You will hear about a song written by U2 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., including a snippet from one of MLK's most famous calls to action. You will discover which U2 song features not one but two glockenspiels. Team Derringer will even tell you what in the world is a glockenspiel and which two members of the band played glockenspiels on the hit recording of a song that you will surely know. David Husted's #1 pick will take you back to the legendary 1985 Live Aid concert and the 12 minutes that turned U2 from a promising rock band into global superstars when Bono jumped off the 10-foot-high stage mid-song to save the life of audience member Kal Khalique. By the way, Kal was a fan of the band Wham! not U2. David and Team Derringer also each reveal their favorite songs from U2's 1987 classic album The Joshua Tree. U2's 2024 hit song Atomic City is also included, along with David Husted's latest single Collide, released 12 April 2024. 


Hey, That's Me

Song Journal

Stories make the world go 'round 


Riddle: What do U2, Derringer Discoveries and the late-great John Prine have in common with David Husted?

A Story:

Last December Derringer Discoveries (a popular music adventure podcast) sent a request to my email account to host an upcoming podcast episode with them.  The topic would be to get into the weeds discussing some "to be selected" artist/band the DD team and the co-host all mutually love.   

Here were some clues that they sent this request to the wrong email.

Clue 1: Subject Line said: Are you David Prine?   lol…..No, I am not David Prine.
Clue 2: First sentence: I enjoyed talking with you the other evening.   lol : No, we did not talk the other evening.

David Prine happens to be a relation of John Prine. John Prine, for those who may be living under a rock, is a mega popular folk singer who recently passed away. Mr. Prine was nominated to the Singer-Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2019. 

Did this stop me from moving out on the invite. No Sir : )

Here is my email response. 

"Thank You…..just to double check,  You mentioned we talked the other evening.  We “talked” via email but did not verbally chat, so I just want to make sure you sent this email to the correct person. Assuming you did : ) I would be happy to co-host…thank you for asking…honored you asked.  Will need more info on that at opportunity. If you did mean to send this to another rockstar named Dave and you sent to me by accident ……no worries. Either way, I am now gonna send you 5 to 10 artist suggestions whether you want them or not….: ) Also, I’d be happy to send you some voice overs per your spec guidance below………Thanks Again and looking forward to the event.



Here is Paul's (of the DD Team) paraphrased response:

……Fortune favors the bold. I was writing to Dave Prine (RIP John Prine's nephew, if that means anything), but I'm impressed with your response. So, yes, please plan to be a co-host with Team Derringer…….

Life Lesson to me: The DD Team response was unexpected and goes to show how important connection, interaction, resolve, humor and good natured friendliness can take someone.

The rest is history. Several months later a Derringer Discoveries Podcast co-hosted by none-other-than David Husted was born. Topic: U2

Just to be clear: David Husted is not yet in the singer/songwriter hall of fame but he is working on it ; )



Photo by Özge Taşkıran  


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