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Moonbeam Blue: Final Official Lyric Video 


I completed my lyric video today. I used a site called Rotor Video to accomplish this. I do not always do this. Sometimes I use my Mac iMovie software and build the video content on my own. However, Rotor Video is easier and makes the life of a music creator less complicated. Rotor Videos is a video creation site that allows artists to upload a song, select videos from their library or upload their own clips, and choose an editing style for their video. It works perfectly for artists aiming to create videos at an affordable rate.

Building the lyric video content for Moonbeam Blue was so much fun today. I am never quite sure what will come out on the other side of my creation process but I was very happy with what emerged this time around. The video captures the mood I was after and synchs with the vibe of the song in a perfect way (in my humble opinion).

I can't wait for its official release on 13 January 2023 and hope that you are there to join me.

I appreciate that you spent a moment with me and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!



Moonbeam Blue Single Art Work and Pre-Release Facebook Reel 

I just completed the art work for my new single called Moonbeam Blue.  This song will officially release on 13 January 2023. I have also fooled around with what is called a Facebook Reel today. It allows you to create about 60 seconds worth of content which was just perfect for me as I wanted to present a short pre-release clip of my song in a video format.  If you would like to check it out just click this link:


Have a great night


Single Art Work

Moonbeam Blue 


Here is a snippet from my latest song to be released called Moonbeam Blue.  This is located in my music vault which you can now access using passcode "blue".  Thank You for dropping by my website.  I appreciate.

Here is a bit more detail on the song's development below.

I am currently putting final production tweaks on my next song release. It features a Ukulele! The sweet laid-back arpeggiated Hawaiian textures are counter-balanced by a reversed sampled pad effect that creates a more surreal edgy vibe that hints at the story to follow. This pad was created using recorded samples of reverb tails created from the very instruments playing in the song itself. This sample is then reversed and carved up a bit. This texture adds a strange, yet familiar feel and gluing effect that I liked. The percussive sweetener details and the push and pull of room space as the song progresses were a strong artistic design focus areas. They help to create and solidify the moonlit beach fire atmosphere. This crucible helped the luminosity of the vocal story-telling to come to life. Later I add a Chinese Yangqin instrumental section just because I could. What's all that plucking about anyway Dave? This song captures that state of mind between awake and dream; sanity and madness. A place perhaps you have encountered yourself at times in life. It happens to be one of my personal favorite musical offerings of the year. I hope you enjoy.  

"In the night by the light of the fire I lost my mind. 
near the pools, along the sand, 
world between the do and don't of the mad" 

I tentatively plan to release this song in the next several weeks pending recovery of my mind. It is now scheduled for 13 January 2023.

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Take care of yourselves. Happy Holidays. 





 Photo by Marc James on Unsplash

New Release Today 

Good Afternoon, 

My latest song "Chugging Down the Qi" was released today.  You can check out the video to the song at any of these three locations: 

1. Home Site 
2. Youtube Channel (Please consider subscribing) 
3. Facebook Music Page (Please consider liking and following). 

Four streaming platforms I tend to use more than others and that I have music artist profiles on can be found here for the curious: 
Spotify Channel (please consider following) 
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Pandora Radio 

Have a fantastic weekend and Thank You for sharing a moment with me.....appreciate!! 

Deep Bow of Gratitude 




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Crumble like Sand 

I completed a new song over the past two or three weekends (give or take a weekend) that is now entered into a growing list of un-published music works. This is a problem that I like to have.  I probably have close to 10 songs right now that are largely completed and just need either minor mixing touch-ups or just mastering.  The fact that I fully completed all of these songs means at some point in the not too distant future I feel they are worthy of being published.  I have plenty of other musical scraps that do not make it this far. So, this particular song will likely not be fully aired out for at least another year but it does make me feel good to know that it exists. The current working title is Crumble like Sand.

If you would like to hear a demo of it just shoot me a note and I'd be happy to send it to you for a listen and perhaps to get any constructive feedback you care to pass on.  Your thoughts might influence it's final form…who knows. The lyric content was developed this weekend and rendered into the arrangement in close to final form.  This sometimes takes much longer but it is a highly varied and uncertain process to be honest.  

That's all for now. In the mean time, I do have a new song scheduled for release this Friday, November 18th called Chugging Down the Qi.  You can check it out now by visiting my New Music Vault and entering passcode Qi. However, you can also see a great video I created that accompanies the song on Youtube here.

Please consider streaming any of my music on your favorite streaming platform. I make a few partial pennies of royalty per stream. Cha-Ching.

Much Gratitude






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Thing 5: Worthy 

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

The song has been inspected by the distribution service and has passed all the pre-requisite requirements that a "single" needs to be born into the world.  It is now on a trajectory that will make it a public offering for all eternity. I have also completed a video song version that I plan to release via a Youtube upload on 18 NOV 22 as well.  Other loose ends include pitching my song to Spotify editors.  If they feel it is "worthy" they could add it to popular playlists on this site (queue the Wayne's World "we're not worthy" bow.)


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Thing 4: Sweet Spot 

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

Thing 4

The change/bridge in my song slowly builds.There was one particular tone that fed my ears with sonic pleasure and played within the stereo field just behind the primary jungle xylophone pulse.  This was the hook for me that made me stick with the bridge.  That barely perceptible tone/texture was called synthetic juice alarm.  This was an Omnisphere Synthesizer patch that uses a saw square bright synth oscillator squashed between two juicy filters in series.  It created a quirky rhythmic patch made more quirky with a heavy hand laid on the mod wheel. My Kurzweil PC3K was the controller I played the Omnisphere through.   If you were sitting next to me I would point this subtle aural sweet spot out more clearly to you.  Anyway, it created an incredible sonic vibe to that portion of the song.   Well, that is all for now. 



Thing 3: On the Table 

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

The musical contents were developed slowly over the course of several weekends prior to even pondering the lyrics in any direct way.  I use Ableton Live as my means of recording, editing and mixing my music on a computer.  I create all the music on my own and on this particular song I started in what is known as the session view of Ableton.  I do not always use this technique.  Session view allows you to loop phrases of music such as drums or chords in chunks of time.  It could be 2,4 or 8 bar loops (really any length you desire).  Using midi, I am able to sample different sounds and instruments within the space of the notes created.  I combine both partially quantized patterns with fully organic patterns.  Semi rigid frames dance with organic swing.  I layer, I weave, I construct and I de-construct.  I leave much on the table.  I often get lost in this world and pop out of my trance hours later.  In all this chaff there are often gems that sparkle and capture my attention. 

Peace Out



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Thing 2: Focus 

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.


The beginning guitar rhythm had a body and texture that I really liked.  This synched perfectly with the bass that entered by the next bar.  The drums were the final icing on the cake that made me decide to hone in on this portion of the song as "the song" itself.  You see up until this point I had focused several weekends on the first section of the song which I ended up shelving.  I know you, the reader, have no idea what I am talking about. You'll just have to come back to this write-up after the song is released.  It will all make perfect sense then ; )





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Thing 1: Bread 

Thoughts on the making of Chugging Down the Qi. 

Official release date scheduled for 18 NOV 22.

I work best when my mind is fresh.  This means that typically my brain rests in a state of lightness, curiosity and minimal effort.   It has taken me a lifetime to cultivate those conditions and I am sure it will require a lifetime to maintain. This song, called "Chugging Down the Qi",  was created largely with that atmosphere in place (easier said than done).  The lyrics are about my general aversion toward the momentous amount of shitty events that took place in 2020.  Perhaps a psychoanalyst would see even more in them. The lyrics are a bit esoteric.  My sub-conscious was definitely spewing on this one.  I kneaded the words and phrases against the texture and flow of the already developed musical content.  This is similar to the effect of yeast and its outcome called Bread.



Photo by Edward Eyer

Word of the Day: Ch'i and Qi 

Ch'i: (definition)

Vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems of medical treatment (such as acupuncture) and of exercise or self-defense (such as tai chi)

An alternate spelling of Ch'i is Qi but is less often used in the United States.

Here is Ch'i used in a sentence:

Dave has a new song being mastered and readied for public consumption. He is not sure if he wants to call the song Chugging Down the Ch'i or Chugging Down the Qi.

Let him know your thoughts on this matter of critical national security.

He will be providing more details on this baby over the next several Blogs.  It's a good one.

He expects to release it in approximately 3 weeks give or take a week.


Dave's Management Team





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Part IV: The Ghosts of Bridgerdoom 

My next song has been released! 

I'll provide some background on the song in four parts over four separate Blogs. 


Part IV:

Song construction: I experimented with arpeggiated sounds using controlled randomness (if that makes any sense). Ableton Live has several cool new tools in their latest S/W version to enable this.  I also played with samples and sample friendly plug-ins. I was on a steep learning curve at that time into the art of slicing, chopping and transposing sounds. 

Song Theme: No one ever said true love was easy. The movie sound-track adaptation may be hitting Netflix or a Hall Mark Movie Channel any day now. Disclaimer: If you can't hear the storyline I have relayed in my previous Blogs when listening to the music you may have to apply a sprig of your own active imagination too.  Good Luck. 

In conclusion:

The song called Ghosts of Bridgerdoom was formed and is now presented to you for your own ghostly entertainment.   As usual, it was a blast to create. I'll bid you farewell ladies and gentlemen with a deep bow of gratitude. Happy Halloween…..Enjoy the famous Ghosts of Bridgerdoom Ball and the music.




Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto

Part III: ribald ghostly romance 

My next song has been released

I'll provide some background on the song in four parts over four separate Blogs. 

Part III

Word of caution, everything may not be quite as refined as it first seems within this awaiting castle of opulence and restraint. The music will spin you into a world full of court intrigue, ball rooms, perfumes, potions, colorful gowns, operatic drama, side long glances and steamy ribald ghostly romance.  Enjoy the ride. There are plenty of curves and bumps to this adventure.


Part II: Push 

My next song has been released

I'll provide some background on the song in four parts over four separate Blogs.  

Part II 

This piece was created mostly "in the box" so it is fairly synth heavy and electronic.  It formed up through creative playing around on my Ableton Live Push Device for percussive rhythms and using my Kurzweil Synth to build more organic and melodic features.  Suffice to say the song grew out of mostly imaginative layering of sounds and rhythms until something clicked and I went into "the zone" musically. 


divergence smashed (Part III of III song background) 

Photo Op has been finalized for digital distribution and is about to be delivered to digital platforms; release date is still targeted for Friday, 26 AUG 22.  

I'll provide some background on the song in three parts over three separate Blogs. 

Part III: 

Listening back, I suspect, I smashed together two fairly divergent musical ideas. Bold move Dave and perhaps disastrous from a song gluing perspective. I like it anyway. Lyrics were influenced by what was going on around me and one of those things was a narcissist clutching a bible and clearing a peaceful protest with tear gas to enable his next photo op in front of the church.  A holy moment indeed. 




photo by: Ivan Vranić on Unsplash

Lions and Tigers and bears; oh my! 

I completed my lyric video over this past weekend and I thought it came out pretty cool. I plan to premier it on 26 AUG 22 so keep an eye out for it on Youtube.  It's got Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my, Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my.  Ok…it does not have any of those but it does have churches, tear gas, protest signs, dancing, D.C monuments, cityscapes and a few words. It will be a mind blowing experience and a great photo op during the live premiere simulcast event beamed to billions of unsuspecting, future fans around the world. 



ad-libbing (Part I of III song background) 

Photo Op has been finalized for digital distribution and is about to be delivered to digital platforms; release date is still targeted for Friday, 26 AUG 22.

I'll provide some background on the song in three parts over three separate Blogs.

Part I:

I looked back at the few notes I collected during Photo Op's song development time-frame and concluded I did not have much to go on after a two year lapse. The lyrics were not fully documented in my notebook. I must have been using lyric ideas and ad-libbing them into the song. I do not know my state of mind and wish I was better at capturing this closer to the song's conception point.


Photo by Pixabay

Photo Op 

Hope to release a new single in about three weeks (26 AUG 22) if all goes as planned.  What could go wrong?



most excellent dude 

New Song Release scheduled for 

Friday, 01 July 2022. 

Paint with No Color 

As a gift, You can Spotify Pre-Save it or send me your email address and I will send it to you for FREE now. This also includes a copy of my new album "Many Faces" 

Thank You 


Cover Art for next single 

Here is the cover art for my new song Paint with No Color.  The company I distribute my music through also gave me some free credits to create a music lyric video through Rotor Video which is kind of cool.  I will hopefully create that over the next week or so.  I expect the song to be officially released on or about 30 June 2022.  Have a great night! 


Peace Out \/ 




The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking and incomprehensible……it ain't right. 

I saw one specific example (of many) in a news article that really got to me about the effects of this senseless war on ordinary people.  People just trying to live their ordinary human lives in peace, coming from towns probably similar to the one you or I may have grown up in.  Instead, they are ripped from this existence because a psychopath decides he needs to acquire a new piece of dirt and a bigger crown.  He will level cities and mow down innocent people to get it.  

I recently watched a news feature covering a shell shocked 15 year old boy who had lost his mother in an awful attack.  He was still obviously stunned and coping.  Towards the end of the interview it became clear that one of his coping mechanisms was just wanting to play his guitar for awhile to get through the dark nights ahead….to hold on to a strand of something normal. This hit me quite hard as it is probably a characteristic I too would have fallen back on as coping mechanism (a keyboard in my case). 

The other powerful thing that came through was his un-questioned determination to still go back and rebuild the city one day. This seemed to be just a given.  This was going to happen. This steadfast resolve and heroism in the Ukrainian people in general is moving and inspiring and probably has a lot to do with what they went through and achieved in the 2013/2014 timeframe when they ousted a Putin placed dictator the first time.  The Netflix documentary called Winter on Fire captures this struggle for independence very well.  They will not give up this hard won independence easily. 

This all influenced my latest song creation which is presented here in a music video format.

Thank You for your courage Andriy and I wish you strength, resilience and resolve to keep moving forward.  This song is dedicated to you and your family. 






It ain't right 

I have a new single scheduled for release next Friday.  It focuses on the tragic situation going on in Ukraine.

Here is the news clip that informed the song's development.  This was not deliberate.  My mind must have been ruminating on Ukraine and this particular article became the attractor.

I will get into a bit more detail on the song in my next blog but if you watch this attached video you'll understand.

This situation in Ukraine is sad and frustrating. One feels quite helpless as we stare at TV screens until we can not stare any longer.  My song will not make it any better but perhaps someday it will make its way to Andriy.  If he wants to add some of his guitar riffs to the song I stand ready to splice them in.

My thoughts are with you Andriy and to all the courageous people of Ukraine.






Photo by Stephanie Souza

New Album Release Today! Many Faces 

Good Morning, 

My latest album was released today and is called Many Faces. You can now find it on all music streaming and digital radio platforms. That means it is time for you to stop whatever you're doing, go freshen up that cup of coffee, come back to a comfortable space, relax, ignore that work on your desk and open up your favorite music streaming application. Search for David Husted: Many Faces and hit that play button. You will be immediately transported into a sonic happy space and your day will be measurably brighter. 

This album aggregates my last 9 singles into one space. I probably do not have to do this but I like to do this. It keeps my music catalogue more organized which is now up to over 50 originally released songs (6 albums). Hard to believe. 

Final Note: I had planned to release a brand new single to accompany the album release. However, as is often the case, life took over. At this time, I expect that single to release in about two weeks so I'll keep you posted on that. The song is call Andriy and it is about the heart breaking situation going on in Ukraine. I'll provide more info on that song in a follow-on post. 

Until then, thanks for sharing a moment with me. I appreciate your company and I appreciate that you tolerate my musical muse.  

I love creating original music 

Thank You So Much! 

Yours Truly 


You can also find my music at my:

Home Music Website: or my new 
Facebook Music Page: 

The Facebook Music Page was created yesterday, it is an experiment and I really have no idea how to use it yet but will learn it over time.  Please consider giving it a "Like" and/or a "Follow" if you enjoy my music.  Your continued support is most appreciated!