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David Husted Music: Summary 

I hope you are doing well. Here are seven updates from Dave's World of Music. Thank You for joining me. I appreciate.

#1 New Release: Collide

My latest song Collide is one of my most popular offerings to date. As most of you know, I create my music on the edges of a very busy life; especially lately. Collide was released a couple of weeks ago and I believe this bump in streams is primarily do to the increased exposure of appearing on a popular podcast and playlists of the folks from Derringer Discoveries (A Music Adventure Podcast). Thank You DD Team!

#2 I co-host a Podcast about U2!

Here is a link to the podcast about all things U2; co-hosted by none other than Moi: EP58: U2 with Special Guest David Husted. Thank You Again Derringer Discoveries! Team. I had a blast! Please consider signing up for their newsletter which can be found on their home website.  

#3 Music Live Performance

I continue to practice with a super cover band called WildGood. We will be playing live at the Port of Leonard Town Winery on 22 June 24. Come join us, sip some wine and bask in some great sounds. I am also working a side project to perform music with a group of talented musicians that will coalesce into a tribute band.  More on that later.

#4 New Original Song in Development: "Eclipse"

Creating releasable worthy music takes a great deal of time.  My pace of creation varies widely as I try to manage time constraints. The key to that feisty obstacle called time is to just keep at it; find the nooks and crannies. I stick to it mainly because I have formed good habits and the whole creation process still brings me great joy. My latest song still needs lyrics laid down. My vocal range is limited but I keep working at it and the song calls for increased vocal range. The song moves more into the pop rock/synth rock arena.

#5 Next Song to be Released:

Crumble Like Sand.  This will most likely be my next official release. It is still many weeks away from distribution readiness but it is the one I seem to be eye balling right now. Stay Tuned.

#6 Word of the Day: Pinhentagyu.   

I recently watched a Steve Martin documentary called "A Documentary in 2 Pieces" on Apple TV. I thought is was pretty good. During the film this word Pinhentagyu came up on the screen with the following definition: With a relaxed brain, being quick-witted and sharp. It struck me as a very pithy definition of Steve Martin. I liked it. It is my word of the day.

#7 Poem of the Week: Night Music by Philip Larkin

This poem initially collided with my brain and then formed a peaceful, quiet and empty space; clearing the incessant chattering of my mind for a few moments. I like anything that brings me peaceful moments. It is my poem of the week. You can find it here: Night Music

As always, Thank You for sharing a moment with me. May your weekend be beautiful and peaceful and filled with some of that Night Music too.



Stories make the world go 'round 


Riddle: What do U2, Derringer Discoveries and the late-great John Prine have in common with David Husted?

A Story:

Last December Derringer Discoveries (a popular music adventure podcast) sent a request to my email account to host an upcoming podcast episode with them.  The topic would be to get into the weeds discussing some "to be selected" artist/band the DD team and the co-host all mutually love.   

Here were some clues that they sent this request to the wrong email.

Clue 1: Subject Line said: Are you David Prine?   lol…..No, I am not David Prine.
Clue 2: First sentence: I enjoyed talking with you the other evening.   lol : No, we did not talk the other evening.

David Prine happens to be a relation of John Prine. John Prine, for those who may be living under a rock, is a mega popular folk singer who recently passed away. Mr. Prine was nominated to the Singer-Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2019. 

Did this stop me from moving out on the invite. No Sir : )

Here is my email response. 

"Thank You…..just to double check,  You mentioned we talked the other evening.  We “talked” via email but did not verbally chat, so I just want to make sure you sent this email to the correct person. Assuming you did : ) I would be happy to co-host…thank you for asking…honored you asked.  Will need more info on that at opportunity. If you did mean to send this to another rockstar named Dave and you sent to me by accident ……no worries. Either way, I am now gonna send you 5 to 10 artist suggestions whether you want them or not….: ) Also, I’d be happy to send you some voice overs per your spec guidance below………Thanks Again and looking forward to the event.



Here is Paul's (of the DD Team) paraphrased response:

……Fortune favors the bold. I was writing to Dave Prine (RIP John Prine's nephew, if that means anything), but I'm impressed with your response. So, yes, please plan to be a co-host with Team Derringer…….

Life Lesson to me: The DD Team response was unexpected and goes to show how important connection, interaction, resolve, humor and good natured friendliness can take someone.

The rest is history. Several months later a Derringer Discoveries Podcast co-hosted by none-other-than David Husted was born. Topic: U2

Just to be clear: David Husted is not yet in the singer/songwriter hall of fame but he is working on it ; )



Photo by Özge Taşkıran  



Thank You Turnip Music Radio and Derringer Discoveries for adding my new song Photo Op to your New and Compelling playlist. 

"About Them: Podcasting from Virginia (USA), and catering to music enthusiasts worldwide, Derringer Discoveries combines exciting snippets and fast-paced insight, critique, theories, and witty banter about music that you may discover and love. This is Derringer Discoveries."

That sounds like a worthy cause to me.




Photo by Uriel Mont

Martin Luther King Jr.  

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

This was a rapid sketch of MLK I made back in 2012. I believe I may have later used it in a song video I created called "It Takes One Drop". 


I have included the song here as a podcast and also provided the video here for your viewing pleasure: 

It Takes One Drop


Dionysian Wink 

I completed the rough draft of a new song today. This podcast provides a demo of the main riff section which was sound designed using two tracks and two fast synth leads as starter material which I tweaked to match the song needs.  They both had different, cool and complimentary timbres.  One is off my Kurzweil called fifty-fifty lead and the other is a Native Instrument sound called Evolve/Analog Vari-Pad.  They scream along nicely.  What do you think?  

The song itself will most likely be published in about 8 months as I have other songs in the queue ahead of it now.    I was having a blast with a software called Melodyne which can change your voice characteristics. This is not featured in the demo but suffice to say I laid it on way too strong while developing the song.  It was so much fun to play around with my voice, I did get carried away with it probably to the song's detriment.  Oh well.  Sometimes you just must play and learn as you go. 



Photo by Luiz M. Santos from Pexels

Playlists and Podcasts 

Greetings, I have created a podcast on Pandora radio that discusses the making of my latest album "Your Corners Curve Like Lemonade".  I understand that many of you do not use Pandora but for those who do here is a link to the podcast:  Pandora Radio Podcast

I am also excited to announce that I recently completed a new song called "Wave".  I am still making final mixing and mastering tweaks on this but I hope to release it some time in the next three weeks.  Here is a snippet of the song to wet the appetite. Just click this link:  Waves

Also, feel free to check out some of my Spotify playlists which you can find at the top of my home page here at this link: Home Top.   It features some of the music that caught my ear this week and I update it about once every two or three weeks.  The inspiration for my own music comes from things happening in my life, the world around me and also through the music I listen to.  I find this music on my own but also through friends like you.  Thank You for sharing a moment with me in my music development journey.  I appreciate you and please let me know what you are listening yourself.  Sharing makes the world go round. Thanks Again.......Dave



I am back with a new musical offering.  This song is called Echo Chamber.  It is edgy and unique. 

Here is a link to the Music Video: ECHO CHAMBER

We must listen beyond humanities incessant noise and cruelty for that quiet space between the echo where courage, strength and good-will bubble just below the surface ready to rise. A world cacophony rendered mute by a love so bright you can't help but be thawed and tempered in her slow alchemical, warming embrace.   

This song speaks for itself and conveys what I feel at this particular moment in history.               

Do Not Despair My Friends and Never Give Up 


David Husted, 6/1/2019